Baby Baths

Best Baby Baths for Newborn Babies

A baby bath will help to support your baby during washing.

Baby baths are available in a variety of shapes and styles and are the perfect way to let your little one enjoy bath time until they are old enough to sit in an adult bath by themselves.

Here are the top 5 best baby baths.

1. OK Baby Onda 3-in-1

Seating Positions Design

Size: 54.1 x 27.9 x 94cm | Colour: White, Grey | Age: 0-12 months |

  • 2 seating positions
  • Molded to support baby
  • Water thermometer and level indicator

This baby bath seat is ergonomically designed to mold easily to the shape of your baby and can support them comfortably in 2 different seating positions, helping to grow form 0-6 months and then 6-12 months.

The water thermometer and level indicator makes this baby bath a safe choice too.

2. Shnuggle Baby Bath

One of the Most Comfortable Baths for Baby

Size: 40 x 60 x 30cm | Colour: White, Slate Grey | Age: From Birth |

  • Padded backrest
  • Release colic and reflux
  • Ergonomic design

This cleverly designed baby bath has a padded backrest to help keep your baby warm and comfortable, and the upright seating position helps to relieve the discomfort of colic and reflux.

The ergonomic design fits easily into the bath and helps keep the water in the bath warmer for longer too.


3. Angelcare Soft Touch

Made from Hygienic Mesh for Easy Cleaning

Size: 58.5 x 33.5 x 22.5cm | Colour: White and Blue | Age: From Birth |

  • Great support for baby
  • Helps keep baby warm
  • Easy clean mesh design

This baby bath comes with a mesh insert that is easy to keep hygienically clean and supports your baby comfortably during bath time.

The mesh easily adapts to your baby’s temperature and helps to them warmer for longer in the water too for added comfort.


4. Nuby Baby Bath

Built-in Baby Seat Design

Size: 66 x 41 x 23cm | Colour: White, Grey | Age: From Birth |

  • Built-in seat
  • Helpful hand grips
  • Anti-slip base

This sleek and stylish baby bath comes in a white and grey design that includes a built-in seat so your baby can sit comfortably as they bathe.

The helpful hand grips make it easy to move the baby bath and the anti-slip base means that it will always stay in place too.


5. Munchkin Sit and Soak

Lots of Added Support for Baby

Size: 67.2 x 42.6 x 44.8cm | Colour: White, Blue | Age: 0-12months |

  • Support bump and back rest
  • Convenient plug
  • Compact seat

This baby bath is very comfortable for your baby thanks to its support bump and foam backrest, this baby bath also comes with a convenient plug so you can quickly drain and clean it.

The compact seat design is great for a wide variety of baths too.